Travails with my camera

London from the Rooftops

Battersea @ sunrise

Picked up a flyer at the Photomonth Photofair for the City of London and Cripplegate Photographic Society.  They hosted a talk by a photographer who has recently exhibited his work called James Burns. His specialty is taking photos from the rooftops of London, mainly from social housing projects. Fascinating speaker, whose lecture over ran by nearly an hour. Some of the best photographs of modern London skylines I’ve ever seen.

James has been photographing the changing landscape of London for 10 years. James’s passion for his unique brand of ‘Real London’ inspired photography convinced the Prince’s Trust to assist his professional ambitions and support several exhibitions on the subject of London’s social housing architecture. This in turn led to work for various London Borough Councils as well as construction companies and the ‘New Deal for Communities’ regeneration projects across the capital, an opportunity that enabled James to photograph in the community for a living whilst also providing invaluable access opportunities for his personal portfolio.

One for my work colleagues: Streets in the Sky

















Some of the buildings he recommends are:

  • Heron Tower
  • City Hall
  • Centre Point
  • Trellick Tower
  • Pan Peninsular

Break of dawn on the Thames


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