Travails with my camera

Brandenburger Tor at Sunset

Brandenburger Tor at Sunset by GeordieCy
Brandenburger Tor at Sunset, a photo by GeordieCy on Flickr.

Finally got round to fulfilling a promise I made to myself 15 years ago – return to Berlin.

I was there when I went Inter-railing in between lower and upper sixth. We’d had some trouble with the border guards arriving by train from the Czech Republic – the old: “have you been to Germany before” “No, but my grandad popped over quite a few times” joke.

Potsdammer Platz was Europe’s largest building site, the East Berlin tourist hotspots still had shell damage and I wasn’t old enough to visit any bars.

So I said – give it ten years and I’ll come back. took me 15.

Now Potsdamer Platz is immaculate and all the tourist spots have road works around (they’re building a new Untergrunt Bahn along Unter-den-Linden). Plus there’s all those weird overground bright coloured sewers.

Enjoyable weekend – even if the Geheime Staats-politzei building is hard to find.


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