Travails with my camera

Notes from the Portraiture Class Week one

Part of the course looks at past photographers who have made an impact on portrait photography.

Starting with Julia Margaret Cameron, a Victorian amateur photographer based on the Isle of Wight, who was the first major photographer to generate artistic, tightly-cropped portraits.

(c) Julia Margaret Cameron - Early 1860s photo

East Londoner Don McCullin, best known for his observational war portraits from Vietnam and Northern Ireland. Photography that changed the perception of 2 conflicts.

(c) Don McCullin - Shellshocked Soldier in Vietnam

Edward Weston, American natural light photographer who used an ISO of 16 and very long exposures, leading to modernist, soft images.

(c) Edward Weston

Irving Penn, Vogue fashion photographer and master of low-key lighting.

(c) Irving Penn

The McCullin photos reminded me of the following TED talk:

At present in London we have exhibitions of fashion and royalty photographer Cecil Beaton, Magnum Pictures creator Henri Cartier-Bresson and US legend Ansel Adams.


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