Travails with my camera

Photographing People – Week 2

The class started looking at photos received for last weeks “low-key, natural light”. Most were good, some really good and some had used on-camera flash and were failed.

Low-key is the use of side lighting to define shape and depth through shadows. Traditionally it has 2 to 3 stops of difference across the subject. We also looked at the use of reflectors to alter shadows and contrast.

low key

  • 8:1 – 3 stops – dark and moody
  • 4:1 – 2 stops – softer shadows, traditional low-key
  • 3:1 – 1.5 stops – general monochrome
  • 2:1 – 1 stop – general colour

We then moved onto composition, the placing of shape, tone, colour and texture within an image.

We looked at:

  1. The rule of thirds for creating harmonious images and focal points
  2. Looking room
  3. The creation of tension within an image
  4. Framing and cropping a portrait
  5. Adding context from surroundings
  6. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines
  7. Secondary images

We then had a look at the work of Edward Weston and Sally Mann.

No assignment, but next week is Street Photography.

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