Travails with my camera

Light from the Middle East

(c) Tal Shochat
(c) Tal Shochat

This exhibition is currently on at the Victoria and Albert museum.

It includes a range of images from contemporary photographers based in the Middle East. It is split into 3 sections:

  1. Recording – documentary footage from the likes of Abbas looking at life, political changes, geography etc.
  2. Reframing – taking photographs in the style of period images of the past.
  3. Resisiting – changing photos to show just how fragile photography in the region is, investigating the works of censors and self-censorship to protect identity
    • Some of the photos are pretty amazing, some are, to my mind, dull. I really liked the images of Tal Shochat’s trees, Shadi Ghadirian’s Qajar era portrait shots and Atiq Rahimi’s Kabul Box Brownie shots.

      (c) Shadi Ghadirian
      (c) Shadi Ghadirian


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