Travails with my camera

Focus on Imaging

Had an interesting day out at Focus on Imaging yesterday.

There were some interesting people there, plus lots of strange characters wearing cameras in holsters and swearing a lot when they smacked an expensive lens into ribs, pillars etc.

They were exhibiting some fantastic swarming tendencies around the stands with models. Worst I saw, however, was some guy with two 5DIIs dressed in combats, being very snobby to some teenage girls who’d bought a Zenit E and 10 rolls of film for £20.

There was an awful lot of up selling and poor information around video:

  • Telling a guy he wanted the more expensive camera rather than the cheaper as it had pro outputs. From what he said, I doubt the genlock BNC would get much use.
  • Trying to sell an £850 SSD recorder to a grandfather/grandson team because the DSLR footage used an audio codec not supported by his TV. A simple fix with free software like handbrake.
  • Insisting ProRes is raw and that 4:2:2 was a bit rate.

Didn’t really see any really disruptive products. Android apps seem to be big, as does tilt shift and fisheye lenses. Truematte is making its way onto consumer products and LEDs are getting better.

Items I found Interesting:

  • JVC Camera JVC GC-PX100 – a sub $1000 camera capable of taking 1080p with framerates from 1-600. Fully WiFi controllable.
  • Rotolight Interview Kit LED based interview lamps, with a range of filters for various colour tepmeratures and effects.
  • Pinhole kit Ilford pinhole kit. There’s a newer one coming out – but it’ll still be £80
  • Shoulder Rig A nice, relatively inexpensive, shoulder rig, focus pull and matte box for a dslr.
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