Travails with my camera



Today I had the chance to take some photos at Nordicana of the likes of Sidse Babett Knudsen, Malin Arvidsson and other stars of Nordic noir. But I was in bed with food poisoning and am busy tomorrow.

Oh well, hopefully the Nordic Noir film club can organise some more events soon.

Next weekend I’m in Paris and hope to go looking for:

  • Some of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s locations
  • Some of Claude Atgèt’s locations
  • Montparnasse Tower
  • Night shoot at l’Arc de Triomphe
  • Eiffel tower
  • Notre Dame
  • Eglise Madeline


Then later in the year, I’ve been offered a permit to shoot at Military Odyssey in Kent. Need to buy some hi-vis, but I’m hoping to get some good photos of:

  • Portraits in the style of Roger Fenton, Christina Bloom, Don McCullin…
  • Staged action shots, field guns, rifle fire etc.

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