Travails with my camera

Le Weekend in Paris

En route to a work meeting join Geneva I had the chance to head to Paris for the weekend. (Not at the companies expense). After weeks of beautiful weather in London, Paris turned out to be hot, raining and Windy.

I started early and headed down to Gare St Lazare. It was made famous by Henri Cartier-Bresson in his decisive moment photo. I tried to find the exact spot, but couldn’t. I think I got close.


Next, Place de la Concorde. It was grey and miserable so I tried out some HDR.

Then onto the Louvre and Ile de la Cité.

I even managed to find Rue does Ursins. It has changed since Atgét’s day.

After a brief break from the rain, I visited Eglise Madeline.

Then up to the top of the Tower Montparnasse.

Finally some light trails. This shot needs rethinking – do not stand where I did, the driving is insane, and could be lethal. Next time I’d try further down Rue des Grande Armée with a telephoto lens.


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