Travails with my camera


“Can you take some photos in the style of the new Great Gatsby movie?”. An acquaintance had a friend, who had a friend who was a singer/model.

I’d never seen either movie or read the book so I headed to the Internet. It seems we were after art deco, flapper girl look. Luckily, they already owned a costume.

With the usual micro-budget, it was time to think about the look. We wanted a really shallow depth of field, f/2 or so. We hung up a large sheet of bubble wrap and sellotaped some fairy lights to the back. We then shone a work light through one end. We then got some super cheap, plastic flowers from Shepherd’s Bush Market – didn’t matter they looked awful, they weren’t going to be in focus. Some were in front of the model, some behind.

Finally, another work light was used to light the model.


In post, I either went for a sepia look, a vintage look, or added an art deco or Egyptomania graphic.





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