Travails with my camera

Useful Android Apps

DSLR Controller


The first app is still in Beta format (i.e. it isn’t bug-free enough to be released proper) but allows you to connect you camera to your tablet via a USB on the go adaptor and USB cable to control the camera via a live viewfinder view and to review images taken on the camera.

It’s brilliant for doing those tricky things that are hard on a camera – zooming in to check that the bit of the image you want in focus is in focus, checking that the brightness range in the image is within the limits of the camera (i.e. in the histogram) without losing data because it’s over-bright or too dark.  It can also be used with the DSLR in video mode where it is great for doing focus pulls – moving quickly from one focus to another.


The Photographer’s Ephemeris

I like taking sunsets and shots of the moon over buildings.  This App allows you to position a pin and will show you the directions and times of sunrise, sunset, moon rise and moon set.  You can then move the pin around to find exactly where you need to set up to capture the shot you want.


Easy Release

I got introduced to this at a work shoot in Geneva.  It’s a really easy way to get property and actor releases.  You fill in the details of the location on your tablet, and get them to “sign” the screen.  This app then creates a PDF file with the legal release to allow you to use the images commercially.  The text it contains is approved by Getty, iStockphoto etc. but can be changed to your own liking.

Please be aware that in the UK at least, you don’t legally need a release if you’re shooting in public (there is no legal expectation of provacy from photography in public), and the legal requirement is dubious at best for private situations.  However, arse-covering means most agencies/employers etc. will want you to get a signed release.


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