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Raindance – Love, Honour, Obey


So, earlier this year, in an attempt to learn a bit more about low budget, non-live video production I took up a Raindance Saturday Film School offer from Groupon. It was great. The owner was a revelation and he told us a story of a film he was going to make.

He’d received a script from a Raindance member who was a bit reclusive.  He loved the script so gave it to a director he knew, Ate de Jong.  They funded the movie via Indiegogo, found some actors, borrowed a location and filmed it.

I’ve since taken their technical certificate which was great – even if it did lead to an argument about the validity of part of the UK DPP spec (the bit I helped write).

So tonight the Raindance Raw Talent movie premiered at the Festival in Leicester Square.  It’s a dark, psychological thriller set in suburbia.  It’s written well, acted superbly and directed well.  It keeps you guessing as to the psychological state of the main characters. As with all good low-budget movies, it was written with a small cast in only one location. The budget was obviously used on good acting (and a visit to a sex shop for a nurses costume).

Technically, it looked like it was shot on an Alexa, C300 or similar.  I only had 2 slight complaints – the slow mo was shot at 24 fps and frame doubled. This caused judder and jarred. Needs motion compensated frame insertion or to be shot off speed. One scene, rather than shooting under lights and dropping the levels in post, it’s shot in a dark room. The result is noise. (I will admit that I’m probably the only punter in he cinema to notice the heightened noise floor).

Well worth a watch but be warned, it covers some challenging topics.


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