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Getting Ready for Lightpainting

I’ve been building some nice kit to do some light painting in February with my photography club.  The equipment is all bought from eBay and requires only a slight modification to be used in lightpainting.  The Twitter link above shows some examples of lightpainting.

Colour Painting Torch

The easiest to make.  You will need:

  1. CREE Torch – a low power, high brightness LED torch – cost about £5 with batteries.
  2. Elastic Band
  3. Coloured celophane (Quality Street wrappers)

Use the elastic band to cover the torch with celophane.  “Paint” buildings, models, etc.

Light Orbs

The light orbs that you see in lightpainting photos are made using battery powered fairy lights.  You will need:

  • Battery operated fairy lights (£2 from Ebay)
  • Electricians tape
  • 2 small lengths of choc block (or soldering iron or tape – any method that can electrically join two wires)
  • 4 foot of 2 core cable (bell wire, speaker wire, mains flex …)

Bunch all the LEDs together and tape them together.  Cut the wire between the LED bunch and the battery and extend using the 2 core cable.  Beware that LEDs are polarised – you need to connect + to + and – to -.  If it isn’t working try swapping the connection around.

Light Bar

The long streaks of light are created using a light bar.  For this, a strip of RGB LEDs is needed.

You’ll need:

  1. A kit containing an RGB LED strip and Controller – you do not need a power supply (about £8)
  2. Electricians tape
  3. A garden cane
  4. A 9v battery clip

Connect the 9v battery clip to the short power flylead that came in the kit (red to red and black to black).  Connect the flylead to the controller and the controller to the LED strip.  Connect a 9v battery.  You should now be able to control colour using the remote control.

Stick the LED strip and the control box to the garden cane and you have a light bar.


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