Travails with my camera

Lightworks: fast storyboard edit

First start Lightworks and create a new project, give it a memorable name and choose the same frame rate that you used in camera.
You’ll then be asked to import some files.  Navigate to where you’ve stored your files and choose which ones to import.  If the files are in a format that Lightworks understands, you can create a link, or you can transcode them to an edit format.
Click import and a “bin” is created (the terminology comes from 35mm editing where you had bins of film).  At this point, if you have lots of clips, you probably want to change the name and add descriptions.  A second bin is needed, click the button ringed and type in a name for the new bin and press return.  The title will go green.
Double click on the first clip you imported.  A viewing window appears.  Play through the clip until you reach the point where you want to start using the video.  Press the ‘i’ key.  Find the end of the video you want to use, press the ‘o’ key.  Then click the button marked.
A sub clip appears in the workspace.  Drag it into the new bin you created.  Repeat for all other clips.  Arrange in the order you want.

Click on the cogs on the bin title bar, select make edit.  An edit appears on the workspace.
Skip this bit if not interested in more advanced editing!  To adjust colours, add more audio, titles, L-cuts, fades etc. double click on the edit and use the icons on the right of the viewer to open the timeline view.

Click on the export icon on the toolbar.  Choose an output type (DVD, YouTube, MOV etc.) and a destination and away you go.



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