Travails with my camera


Recently started taking photographs again.  Still yearning for the days at Uni, getting high on chemical fumes in the darkroom, hand-developing and processing Black and White Ilford FP4 for printing in the Uni newspaper.

Recently ended up at a wedding, sober, playing with a friends camera. I enjoyed it so much that the passion was re-ignited a bit. Can Digital be as fun as “proper” photography?

So I bought my first DSLR, a Canon 1100D, and started shooting again. I like the APS-C format and I like Canon, plus I got it on a deal.

Have bought a few cheap addons from China which allow more creativity at a fraction of the cost.

YongNuo 465 II flashgun – superb manual flashgun suited for off camera flash (aka Strobist) work – £25
DSLRkit Remote flash trigger – range of about 25m and can fire upto 4 flashes – £11
YongNuo remote shutter release – a range of about 100m – stops camera shake and lets you get into pictures – £12
Set of Neutral Density Cokin P mount filters – £8
Cokin P mount bracket – £2
Softbox for flashgun – £9

All allowing brilliant effects for not much money – may buy a second flash and trigger receiver.

Also have a GoPro HD Hero to experiment with. Love the video footage – have tried it under water and think it’s brilliant for quirky timelapses.


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